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Proper Super Abrasive Wheel Selection

Features and Benefits of Super Abrasive Saw Chain Wheels
Proper Super Abrasive Wheel Selection - Diamond or CBN
  1. Are you sharpening steel or carbide chains? Most chains are steel.
  2. If you are sharpening steel, you want to select a CBN (Borazon) abrasive.
  3. If you are sharpening carbide, you want to select a diamond abrasive.
  4. Never use CBN on carbide chains or diamond on steel chains. They are incompatible.
  5. What kind of cutter teeth are you sharpening?
    • For round tooth - round ground chipper: Use full radius wheel.
    • For square tooth - round ground semi-chisel: Use full radius wheel.
    • For square tooth - square ground chisel: DO NOT use these wheels.

Chain Pitch
  1. What is the pitch of the chain you are sharpening?
  2. Often it will tell you on the chain specifications or it may be calculated by measuring the distance between any three consecutive rivets and dividing by 2.
  3. From the table below select the thickness (T) of the wheel to match the chain pitch.
Chain Pitch
Wheel Thickness (T) WHEEL
1/4, .325, 3/8 Picco
1/8          CS575.8878E
3/8,  .404
3/16          CS575-3878E
Type of Sharpener
  1. What type of sharpener do you have? This will determine the wheel diameter (D) that fits under the guard and arbor hole size (H) that fits the motor.
Basic Care for your Chainsaw Wheel
Informative and "How To" Chainsaw Videos

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"Chainsaw Sharpening Information" by Diamond Wheel Inc.
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